Writing a resume lesson plan for high school

Have discussion on careers, how career should fit likes and dislikes of student. Students who can write good summaries, are in effect demonstrating that they clearly understand the storyline or if it is nonfiction, the text. Have them place asterisks by the phrases or sentences that may prove to be a main point of their summaries.

Have them read through the material several times and highlight or outline anything that stands out to them. Give them one example of a resume that is in the style you want and discuss the different parts of the resume.

Ease the tension, and anxiety that students have surrounding the summary writing process. The other day I was speaking with my juniors about Europe and I mentioned the last time I was in Paris. Give it to teacher for general approval. Think about which skills you have and which ones you need to further develop.

Ask the students to either come up with an original hypothesis or to pull a lead sentence that will propel the summary. Revert back to how you felt when you were first tasked with writing summaries in high school.

Tell students that they should pull a lead sentence from the text that they want to lead with and create pointers that will support the lead sentence while summarizing the text. Grading You can grade the students on the research and how well they wrote their resumes for the job they want to seek.

Have the students inventory their own experiences to see what qualities and skills they have individually to offer an employer.

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It is not as difficult as it may seem. They need to find out the educational requirements and job requirements what they would do in the job. During this process the students should put an asterisk next to key points that they want to emphasize within their summaries.

After that, students need to do some research on the Internet about the occupation they would like to pursue. Getting Started in Writing Your Lesson Plan Think back to the first time when you were challenged to write a one paragraph summary of a book or movie. Finish it at home. My job as their educator is to inspire them to climb mountains, both literally and figuratively.

Pencils and erasers or pens Procedure First, you need to explain about resumes and what students should include in a resume. Use overhead to give students different definitions of resumes. Summary writing skills are built upon over time.Curriculum Projects Lesson Plans Resources Groups Outlines Standards Resume Writing for High School Students by Anita Homesley — Writing a Resume using Word Templates.

Guide to Writing Lesson Plans; Topics. Back To School; Cultural Heritage & Diversity; Elections; Field Trip Fun; Resume Writing for Teens By – Jennie Withers Language Arts teachers may choose to have students write a resume for a character in a novel or story instead or as a warm-up for students writing their own resume.

For example. This lesson plan highlights ways that you can use the accomplishments you've made in your own life to inspire the lives of your students.

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High school students today need to learn practical skills that will help them in the future. Teaching them to write their own resume is one way educators can better prepare their students for the employment.

This lesson is on writing a resume. Students will choose an occupation they might like to pursue when they graduate from high school or the subjects they need to take in college to purse their career. They need to write a resume that they believe will help them get their job.

This lesson will take more than one class period. 5.

Resumes and Cover Letters for High School Students

Write an objective for your résumé. Even if you do not plan to use a Job Objective in your résumé it will help you decide what information is Sample Resume – Middle School – Minimal Work Experience. First Name – Last Name Address City, State Zip Home phone: writing-a-resume.

Resume Writing Lesson Plan Prior to Class. Student Computer Setup: 1. Copy the Student Folder onto each desktop 2. Prepare printed copies of the following for each student: • Resume Writing Student Manual (from the Student Folder) • Resume Writing Session Survey School Name, Location.

Degree Earned, Major.

Writing a resume lesson plan for high school
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