Using sei strategies in a siop lesson

Identify grammar or language structures common to the content area. Because language objectives should provide students with practice in the four language skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking, verbs related to those skills might include, but are not limited to, the following: Both of the above objectives are measurable, but both also take into account appropriate developmental stages of the students.

Will the students be reading a textbook passage to identify the stages of mitosis? Consider the tasks that the students will complete and the language that will be embedded in those assignments.

The content objective for this lesson asks the students to compare and contrast the cycle of a normal cell with a cancer cell.

Talk about science and science teaching

Students will be able to orally explain the differences and similarities between normal and cancer cell cycles. Getting Started How can I get started? Within this simple activity is an unexpected level of complexity that can be uncovered with the addition of a simple action by the teacher or other adult.

Can you spot the mirror on the windowsill and the reflected sunlight on the ceiling? Consider the language functions related to the topic of the lesson e. Conversely, the teacher might want to help students become more proficient with a particular type of graphic organizer in order to develop more strategic language learning.

If the language objective for a middle school social studies lesson is for the students to orally retell the key characteristics in a historical event using sequential language, it is important that the teacher previews sequential language with the students, such as providing sentence stems or frames, and builds into the lesson some structured pair work so the students have an opportunity to retell the event to a peer.

In other words, the teacher should keep the perspective of the English learner in mind and ask, "Of all of the skills and functions addressed in my lesson, which is most important for helping students meet the grade-level standard and develop their language proficiency?

Select a convenient time of day somewhere between In this co-planning scenario, each teacher used his expertise to better integrate content and language instruction for the language learners.

Language Objectives: The Key to Effective Content Area Instruction for English Learners

The language of comparison — in order to have students explain what they learned about the normal and cancer cell cycle e. The language objective might focus on how to explain procedures aloud. Classroom texts and other materials e. As the weeks and months go by, they might notice that the path of the daily movement changes.

The language objective that the teacher selects will depend on what the English learners in the class need most at that point in the year and what language is most important to understanding the content concepts.

For example, many science textbooks use the passive voice to describe processes. How do I know which language objectives are best for my students?

And use a safe stool or ladder. If the students have already spent a good deal of time working with new vocabulary, then the teacher might consider having students use that vocabulary to develop their writing skill by writing a summary of the process they followed. These ELP standards can help to identify: These rooms all have south-facing windows, meaning that the sun shines into each room all year long.

Because the students have already focused on the new vocabulary and grammar structures in this unit, Mr. Additionally, students may have to use comparative language to analyze two related concepts.

The analemma is a pattern that has been known for hundreds of years, and was printed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on globes some time ago see photo. They were mesmerized by the bright dot.

For example, if students are starting a new chapter in the textbook, the strategy of previewing the text might be an appropriate language objective.

Teachers of young students e. For example, we have seen kindergarten teachers use symbols such as a pencil to symbolize "write" and a mouth to symbolize "talk" when they post their objectives for the children to see.

If students are working on a scientific investigation together, will they need to explain the steps of the procedure to one another? Lewis brainstorm some scientific language related to the cell cycle that might need to be directly taught in order for the students to master the content and ELP standards: The content standards for 7th grade science indicate that students must be able to investigate and understand that all living things are composed of cells, with a key concept being cell division.

Reflections of the sunlight By Peggy Ashbrook Published: Like many, I have unbounded enthusiasm for the August issue of Science and Children! We suggest keeping the same observation time, so that the children can see the curious effect of the change in path.

Other terms to highlight are those that language learners may know in one context, such as family as in parents, siblings, etc.

As soon as the mirror was installed and the spot appeared on the ceiling, the effect was immediate on the children. Will they be reporting what they observe during a scientific demonstration to a peer?Online Support and Worldwide Delivery.

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Using sei strategies in a siop lesson
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