Theory application paper essay

As it currently stands, the state does not offer tuition reimbursement for nurses that want to further their education and obtain advanced degrees.

Some are simple decisions and other issues are more complex and require guidance to make decisions.

Application of Theory Paper - Essay Example

Professors often prefer that you avoid examples used by the theorist themselves, those used in lectures and Theory application paper essay, and those that are extremely obvious. Outcomes achieved from organizational investment in nursing continuing professional development.

The UW Theory application paper essay make your job easy: Numerous studies have been done on the causes of nursing turnover and how to prevent it within a healthcare organization. By exploring this issue further, my belief is that as a future nurse executive, I may be able to bring this issue to the forefront of their focus.

Without these attributes, nurses are more exposed to negative factors which in turn, leads to decreased retention and increased turnover rates. The middle range nursing theory of nursing intellectual capital is one that was developed to understanding how nursing knowledge within healthcare organizations influences patient and organizational outcomes Covell, A second strategy is to make sure that you relate the details of the case in an analytical fashion.

Using Evidence to Make Your Argument Theory application papers involve making a claim or argument based on theory, supported by empirical evidence. Sometimes they can only be inferred: When you make a statement or a claim, ask yourself, "How do I know this?

Can I obtain sufficient data with relative ease on my case? If these few small changes were implemented at the facility where I work, it is quite possible that the turnover rate would start to decrease. Scholarly articles are easy to search through, since they contain abstracts, or paragraphs that summarize the topic, relevant literature, data and methods, and major findings.

In addition to un- or under-substantiated claims, another problem that students often encounter when writing these types of papers is lack of clarity regarding "voice," or whose ideas they are presenting. These are just a couple options: At the facility where I work, nursing turnover and retention has always been a problem that our nurse executives and nurse managers have worked to correct.

Residents at our facility range from those that have a mild developmental delay with no medical conditions to certain individuals that have profound delays with complex and fragile medical conditions.

Finally, remember that librarian reference desks are expert on data sources, and that you can call, email, or visit in person to ask about what data is available on your particular topic.

These include societal trends, events, or outcomes.

How To Write A Theory Application Paper

This paper took the problem of nursing turnover and nurse retention, explained common reasons for increased turnover and decreased retention, and then applied the middle range nursing theory of Nursing Intellectual Capital and applied the theory it to solve the problem of nursing turnover in a particular facility.

Ask yourself, what would the theory predict "have to say" about a particular situation. Macro-level theories refer to society- or group-level causes and processes; micro-level theories address individual-level causes and processes.

Writing Papers That Apply Sociological Theories or Perspectives

They spend the majority of their papers simply summarizing regurgitating the details of a case—much like a book report. Other factors in this study in reference to nurse retention include some of the same reasons mentioned in the previous study.

Also, when nurse managers are not able to staff the facility with an adequate amount of nurses due to the high turnover rates, the facility employs agency nurses to come in and take care of the residents. A final word about using academic articles for data: Many instructors expect you to apply sociological theories sometimes called "perspectives" or "arguments" to empirical phenomena.

One way to avoid this is to remember that theory indicates which details or variables of a case are most relevant, and to focus your discussion on those aspects. In all cases follow course-specific assignment instructions, and consult your TA or professor if you have questions.

There is an online encyclopedia on Washington state history, including that of individual Seattle neighborhoods www.Application of Theory Paper Guidelines & Scoring Rubric Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to synthesize one strategy for the application of a specific nursing theory to resolving a problem or issue of nursing practice in nursing leadership, nursing education, nursing informatics, or health policy.

Each application paper will be graded out of a possible 40 points. Receiving a means that your paper presented accurate descriptions of your chosen concept(s) and that each of your concept(s) were linked to the appropriate theorist(s) or perspective(s).

Application of Theory Essay Sample. Nurses have to make numerous decisions on a day to day basis. Some are simple decisions and other issues are more complex and require guidance to make decisions. A substantive grounded theory is a tailor-made theory while a formal grounded theory is a ready-made theory (Kearney ).

Substantive theory may limit its application to other contexts if a constant comparative method of modifying a theory is neglected. Some theory application papers require that you choose your own case (an empirical phenomenon, trend, situation, etc.), whereas others specify the case for you (e.g., ask you to apply conflict theory to explain some aspect of globalization described in an article).

Application of Nursing Theory Nurses have to make numerous decisions on a day to day basis. Some are simple decisions and other issues are more complex and require guidance to make decisions.

Theory application paper essay
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