The raising of the federal minimum wage for the sake of economists and politicians

He called the minimum wage "temporary," according to Politico. Furthermore, the majority of minimum wage earners receive raises within 6 months or less of employment. Republicans believe that the loss of capital that the increase would cause will actually increase unemployment, which is the opposite of what the Obama administration is arguing.

They pay more in payroll taxes, more in social security, more in unemployment. The majority of households that are living in poverty are in this state due to unemployment, not to being underpaid.

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Challenging the Political Class. In the 22 times the federal minimum wage has been raised, and the over times that states or localities have raised their minimum wages just since thethese concerns have never materialized.

Federal minimum wage laws need to be limited, according to these free market politicians in the Libertarian Party and through the libertarian wing of the Republican Party. They show that small minimum wage increases did not decrease unemployment.

Therefore, we have no proof that a larger one will.

Republican Views on the Minimum Wage

I see my son come home with his tips. Even businesses that do not get rid of the employees they already have will probably be less likely to hire new people. The question is is a minimum wage the best way to do it?

Therefore, competition will be decreased, as businesses do not have as much freedom to set their own prices in order to compete with those around them. This is because those who make minimum wage are mostly spouses who are supplementing their household income in order to have some extra savings, or students who are living at home and rely on their parents for most of their living expenses.

The goal ought to be is to get people out of entry level jobs into better jobs, better paying jobs. Higher minimum wages tended to reduce turnover and increase job tenure among low-wage workers — leading to productivity improvements and lower turnover costs at affected businesses.

Belman, Dale and Paul Wolfson. Ron Paul, a former congressman from Texas, has run for president as a Libertarian and a Republican.

5 Quotes From Libertarian Politicians on Increasing the Federal Minimum Wage

What does the minimum wage do?.Economists, politicians and others who favor raising the minimum wage consider failure to do so an exploitation of the poor and a moral wrong. They assert that in a perfect market economy, employers might pay higher wages to get and retain good employees.

Sep 21,  · Economists agree: Raising the minimum wage reduces poverty which finds that the minimum wage reduces poverty.) As many economists have argued, the minimum wage ”substantially ‘held up.

Oct 25,  · The government plans to raise the minimum wage 55% above its present level. Economists argue about minimum wages.

Why American cities are raising the minimum wage. Raising minimum wages to $15 per hour has quickly gone from a fringe idea to a serious policy proposal. Such an increase would bring the federal minimum wage into uncharted territory. At that level, the minimum wage would cover one-third of the U.S.

workforce— million FTE jobs. Jul 27,  · In the late s and early s, the local minimum wage stood at over 60 percent of the local median wage in several Southern and low-population states thanks to increases in the federal minimum wage, according to data compiled by Ben Zipperer of.

What these studies did was note that the federal minimum wage increases were such that states that go along with the federal minimum wage [and didn't already have a higher state-mandated minimum wage in effect] raised rates by a total of $ [between and ].

The raising of the federal minimum wage for the sake of economists and politicians
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