Should sex education be taught in schools religion essay

Homosexuality is another topic that sexuality education will discuss. Sex education is mainly provided by parents or caregivers, teachers, school programs and public health campaigns.

What do you think is the cause of this? She went on to say that this did not include the numerous others who end their classes prematurely as a result of their pregnant state and their inability to continue with regular schooling. They are forced to deal with homosexuality in their homes, their neighbourhoods, their churches and even in their schools.

Alan Harris said, the more educated someone is the more likely they are to make responsible and informed choice for their behaviors.

Sex Education Should Be Taught in School Essay Sample

The primary goal of sex education in the schools should be to help young people to build a foundation as they mature into sexually healthy adults. Others say that having sex education only encourages the students to engage in sexual intercourse and that it leads to sexual diseases and teenage pregnancy.

These students are in their teen or adolescent years where they are learning about who they are and what their feelings mean. It is a broad term that describes education on human anatomy, sexual reproduction, sexual intercourse, reproductive health, emotional relations, reproductive rights and responsibilities, abstinence, contraception and other aspects of human sexual behaviour.

Sexual education would encourage heterosexuality- healthy relationships between males and females. There is also a view that sex education should not be an open discussion by a teacher as in schools, but taught on one to one.

A debate that has been going back and forth is building up, and that is about at what extent should religion be taught about in school, does it need to be taught more, or should it not even be talked about at all?

Honest, open communication between parents and children through childhood, pre-teen, adolescent and young adulthood can help young people to mature into sexually healthy adults. Even without know enough information about sex they already do it what if they already been teach about sex.

They are taught that they should only have sexual intercourse after they get married. Advocators for sex education hold the view that too many parents live in denial about their children having sex.

This does not mean that they would not have experimented with sexual intercourse or the opposite sex, it would have meant that they would have been better prepared to deal with the decisions or choices that they made.

But, many of them are misinformed about the risks that are involved in sex. Students are taught how to use condoms. Why sex ed should be taught in schools Why sex education should be taught in schools Most America teenagers are sexually active and think nothing could ever happen to them.

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Teen sex and pregnancies is out of control in America. Starting with one point of view, there are many reasons why religion needs to be talked about in the school building.

Most parents fell that the best place for sex education is in the home.School-based sexuality education complements and supplements the sexuality education children receive from their families, religious and community groups.

Therefore, due to the necessity of school-based sexuality education it is in my opinion that it be a part of the curriculum for students in the Bahamian High Schools that is junior and senior high. For those that do not concur that sex education should be taught in schools, 48% per cent saw it inappropriate to teach teenagers about sex, whereas one in four, which is 28% considers that it should be the parents' freedom to teach their child about sex.

- Sex education is a major cause of arguments among parents and their school’s board of directors. Some parents argue that sex education should be taught at home or in their religious institution based upon their values. Should the public education system teach sex education to students.

People argue whether students should learn about world religions in school or no. Teaching religion in schools helps students understand the differences among the principles of each and every religion.

Although sex education lowers the morality of people by teaching students how to use condoms and contraceptives, it should be taught in primary school and secondary school because it teaches student about their body, it is indeed a need in case of parents’ absence, and it gives children the idea of what is right and what is wrong.

The question of the expediency and necessity of sex education in schools is discussed a dozen years. No one argues that education can be good and bad it is not depend on sex education program, it .

Should sex education be taught in schools religion essay
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