Short essay on patriotism in pakistan

Similarly, some people love their country less and love themselves more. Essay on School Games and Values Essay on School Games and Values Games are basic for empowering and fortifying the human personality and also the human body yet in the meantime it is the best exercise which quiets the nerves of the children allows them to keep quiet and focused while they are in outrageous pressure and stress.

For instance, a social reformer is said to be a patriot in the real sense. Such people are the enemies of the nation.

Short essay on Importance of Patriotism

The unparalleled case of Joan of Arc will dependably sparkle splendidly in history of the French individuals. He liked America but did not like the slavery system. One should be a patriot both in letter and spirit.

Today we should be proud of your soldiers who are fighting on the borders to help their countrymen. After losing a close final to India in the inaugural T20 World Cup inPakistan cricket team led by star batsman Younis Khan was able to win the second edition of the tournament in in which they beat Srilanka in a one sided final.

Thus, he did some noble thing to keep up the prestige of his country. The love of country is natural and essential for every one.

In such a vast country as India it is not surprising if there are a few traitors. IT tells us to build our glory on the ruins and suffering of other nations.

Love for our nation obliges us to make some, sacrifice. They never hesitate to betray their country for personal gains. But he suffered great hardship for his country. A nation is not only a physical entity of land, rivers, mountains, industries, etc.

They won the hearts of their countrymen. But today, unfortunately, the people of our country have lost the spirit of patriotism. Sacrificing your life in the name of patriotism is a great honor. When Abraham Lincoln was a child he noticed the misery of the slaves in America. We love Pakistan because it is the centre of our hopes and future dreams.

The differences are not real but apparent, and the divisions men-made. Then again the soul of selflessness ought to be stretched out to the whole human culture. Wars break out between two nations for want of love for other countries. History is full of praise for these figures.

They dedicated themselves to the cause of their dear motherland. They are a real danger to a country. He tries to lead the people to the right way of living. We must keep our personal interest behind and we must give supreme importance to the demands of our freedom.

The feelings and the qualities of a patriot are known as patriotism.

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Some patriotic songs are also written by Subramanya Bharati in Tamil language. Today we are breathing the air of freedom because of true and great patriots like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawahar Lai Nehru, Subhas Chandra Bose, Sardar Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad and many others who made great sacrifices arid suffered untold miseries to achieve the goal of freedom after a long and tedious struggle while fighting Valiantly against the mighty and cruel Britishers.

It is one of the noblest passions of human nature.

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All people laugh, weep and feel in the same fashion. Our patriotism should be tempered with the thoughts of world cooperation, understanding, peace and prosperity of others.

These comments draw our attention to the dangers of jingoism which propagates narrow chauvinism and aggressive patriotism. A patriot is different from a politician.

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If the rulers are true patriot, they think of the interests of the country and the people. It does not mean hatred towards other countries as well. At its most astounding, patriotism obliges us even to sacrifice our lives.

They have served Pakistan Cricket for years and have been able to gain recognition for their achievements throughout the world. Our social and good values are produced and we make respectability not just in ourselves and serve as a wellspring of motivation to creators.So, patriotism is the spirit which seeks happiness through supreme sacrifice for the country.

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But today, unfortunately, the people of our country have lost the spirit of patriotism. It is particularly lacking among our leaders. By patriotism we mean genuine love for one's own country.

Patriotism must not be misinterpreted as one's hatred for other countries. If one loves his own country and hates other countries, then it is nationalism rather than patriotism.

Patriotism is a sacred passion, which makes the nation really strong and honorable. It is our duty to keep this passion alive in our hearts. The only way to serve Pakistan is that we must be sincere with our jobs and duties.

The Pakistan cricket team has played test matches of which they have won, were drawn while they lost matches. In the One Day International Arena Pakistan has made outings out of which in matches Pakistan has been victorious while in matches they have ended up on the losing side.

Pakistan is my country. Pakistan has 5 provinces and people mistakenly believe that there are 4 provinces. Pakistan is a democratic country which is being run on the principles of Islam. Ross Brigman English Sharon Price Rhetorical Analysis Red, White, and Beer: A Criticism of America’s ‘Retail Patriotism’ ‘Red, White, and Beer’ is a short two and a .

Short essay on patriotism in pakistan
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