Project management briefing essay

So if you understand these two work types you will better know how to approach the task at hand. It is a logical breakdown of the steps required to produce the deliverables of the project.

Figure 1 Notice that in the center is quality. Projects are either plan-driven or change-driven. Projects Because operations work and project work are closely related, it is important to distinguish between the two.

Understanding and applying basic project management principles is, therefore, imperative for successful project management execution. Those who do not understand the difference between operations work and project work may be tempted to handle an operations effort like a project, which does not work.

Project Brief

One cannot change one of the constraints without affecting either one or both of the other constraints. Triple Constraint The triple constraint of Project Management is a description of the three most important and opposing constraints that all projects undergo. The phases of project management are as follows: Plan-driven projects have the scope, time, and cost determined early in the life of the project.

It is a good idea for even seasoned project managers to review these principles periodically to ensure their proper application throughout the project management life cycle.

The main distinguishing feature of operations work is that it is ongoing. Once a project is complete, the product or service is provided to operations for implementation. That is because any change to the time, cost, or scope of the project will affect the quality, so quality goes in the center of the triangle as a central theme.

The three constraints of time, cost, and scope are on the three opposing sides of a triangle as displayed in Figure 1. Change-driven projects are iterative or incremental, and the scope definition is minimal.

This article provides a brief overview, and, perhaps, review of the basic principles of the project management discipline. The most likely culprit is a lack of understanding of the foundational principles of project management. Project Definition A project is defined in its simplest form by two statements from the Project Management Institute: Generally, the change-driven scope definition is clarified just sufficiently for time and cost estimates.

Stakeholder Management The question to ask here is who are my stakeholders? The project life cycle is linear and describes what you need to do to do the work. It is often said that Project Management is part science and part art, although it follows a systematic process.

The project end is particularly important to define so there is agreement among team members and customers on what project completion means.

Operations work also tends to produce similar non-unique products. A knowledge of all the main constraints time, cost, scope, quality, resources, risk, and customer satisfaction in a project is important to know how to adjust appropriately to their competing demands. Also, most work in an organization is described by either operations work or projects work.

Projects work, however, has a definite beginning and end, as described above. Project Management Processes It is important to understand all the phases of project management. Appropriately applying the knowledge and tools of project management greatly increases the possibility of project success.

It is continuous in nature. A stakeholder is any person that may be affected either positively or negatively by the project. Constraints In addition to the triple constraint and quality, the project manager must prioritize resources, risk, and customer satisfaction. These are what you need to do to manage the project.

There is usually a long list of stakeholders that extend well beyond the project sponsor and customer.

Status Report (Brief)

Again, understanding the impact of changing one constraint on any one of the others is critical. Project Life Cycle A project life cycle describes all the phases that a project goes through.Database of FREE project management essays - We have thousands of free essays across a wide range of subject areas.

Project management ensures that project requirements are met by applying tools, techniques, skills, and knowledge to project activities (or tasks). Project management in construction.

Brief 5 Pages. The project brief contains a brief description of the objective and background/context for the overall project, and outlines the project management framework to be adopted for the initiation phase, including how to measure the success of the phase; deliverables, budget and resources; project.

A project is defined in its simplest form by two statements from the Project Management Institute: 1) it is a temporary effort and has a definite beginning and an end; 2) it creates a unique product or service.

Electronic Project Management System Project in Construction. Construction is one of the most complicated industries in the world.

It engages in many kind of industries and processes to complete the building project. Project Management Essay Examples.

A Brief Introduction to Project Management

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To understand project management, It is important to understand what is Project, as per PMBOK, project is "a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique, product, service or result.

Project management briefing essay
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