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Industry advises post-editing to be used when it can at least double the productivity of manual translation, even fourfold it in the case of light post-editing. Postediting Guidelines Assuming the recommendations above are implemented, we suggest post editing service basic guidelines for postediting.

Light and full post-editing[ edit ] Studies in the eighties distinguished between degrees of post-editing which, in the context of the European Commission Translation Service, were first defined as conventional and rapid [4] or full and rapid. No need to restructure sentences solely to improve the natural flow of the text.

Post-editing overlaps with translating and editing, but only partially. For some language pairs and for some tasks, and with engines that have been customised with domain specific good quality data, some clients are already requesting translators to post-edit instead of translating from scratch, in the belief that they will attain similar quality at a lower cost.

First studies on post-editing appeared in the eighties, linked to those implementations. Edit any offensive, inappropriate or culturally unacceptable content. Ensure the source text is written well i.

Ensure that no information has been accidentally added or omitted. Basic rules regarding spelling apply. Other levels could be defined, but we will stick to two here to keep things simple.

Pay post-editors to give structured feedback on common MT errors and, if necessary, guide them in how to do this so the system can be improved over time.

Several professionals claim that it takes longer to make correction than to translate from scratch. The text may sound like it was generated by a computer, syntax might be somewhat unusual, grammar may not be perfect but the message is accurate.

Examine the raw MT output quality before negotiating throughput and price and set reasonable expectations. The guidelines are not system or language-specific. Guidelines for achieving quality similar or equal to human translation: It is not practical to present a set of guidelines that will cover all scenarios.

Tune your system appropriately, i. Basic rules regarding spelling, punctuation and hyphenation apply.


With the demand for localisation of goods and services growing at a pace that could not be met by human translation, not even assisted by translation memory and other translation management technologies, industry bodies such as the Translation Automation Users Society TAUS expect machine translation and post-editing to play a much bigger role within the next few years.

Agree a definition for the final quality of the information to be post-edited, based on user type and levels of acceptance.

Ensure that formatting is correct. We expect that organisations will use these baseline guidelines and will tailor them as required for their own purposes.

At the top end of full post-editing there is the expectation of a level of quality which is indistinguishable from that of human translation.Your Video Editing Services and Post Production Specialists!

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Post-editing (or postediting) is the process whereby humans amend machine-generated translation to achieve an acceptable final product. A person who post-edits is called a post-editor. The concept of post-editing is linked to that of pre-editing. Full-service outsource photography editing to companies and individuals.

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Especially photo editing, culling, design photo books and do other small works. First Editing: Professional Editing Services by PhD Editors FirstEditing/10 ( reviews).

Post-Editing Services Considering the research publication cycle, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that your research manuscript remains of impeccable quality until the final draft stage. Our editing service is custom to each photographer.

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Post editing service
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