Ponnurangam kumaraguru thesis

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Given the constraint on number of officers, police in India have felt the need to obtain community based collaboration to accomplish its increasingly vast duties [35]. Owing to the massive volume of content on social media, the responsiveness of the police to the online content determine the overall success of the collaborative efforts.

We also present a real-time image search system using Convolution Neural Networks CNN which retrieves modified images that allow first responders such as police to analyze the current spread of images, sentiments floating, and details of users propagating such content.

One copy of the thesis in electronic format A record of publications in conferences and journals of the work reported in the dissertation, along with their citations, if any. Lastly, we evaluate a series of statistical models to predict serviceable posts and its different types.

The zip file must be uploaded to Easychair. Compare that with aboutschools in the USA with 54 million students.

Through our analysis, we highlight residents and police thoughts about information shared, need for measures to handle offensive comments, and acknowledgment overload for police on social media.

ACM India started a education initiative, CSpathshala into teach computing as a science in all schools. Our observations show a decrease in police response time of the serviceable requests that can be immediately resolved, thus suggesting that successful identification of serviceable posts may ultimately result in systems that facilitate in extending timely police support and improve police responsiveness towards residents.

To answer the first research question of this thesis, we conduct semi-structured interviews and surveys of both the stake-holders police and residents to understand social media usage requirements. Our results show that residents post information e. Selection Procedure Dissertations will be reviewed for technical depth and significance of the research contribution, potential impact on theory and practice, and quality of presentation.

Despite its usefulness in crises, social media role to enable police in collective action and responding to day-to-day concerns of residents remains largely unexplored.

Collaborative action across public organizations such as police shows different challenges like enabling collective action, problem-solving, accountability, and responsiveness of the organizational actors towards residents.

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This thesis makes following contributions towards the core research question: Following this, we adopt a mixed method approach qualitatively and quantitatively analysis for analyzing the content generated on police profiles on social media.

Nomination letter by thesis advisor. There will be one award for They are now closed. Social media use for communication between police and resident introduces various challenges for organizations. Limited accommodation is available at the host institute and it will be provided to outstation students on priority.

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To compound the problem, India has 44 education boards!ACM India is pleased to announce the winners of the ACM India Student Chapter Awards.

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Who: Sonal Goel What: Masters thesis defense When: - hrs IST, April 25, Where: Board room, Fifth floor, IIIT-Delhi Why: Precogs put in a lot of effort in their work, you don't want to miss seeing it. Title: Image Search for Improved Law and Order: Search, Analyze, Predict image spread on Twitter.

Abstract: Social media is often used to spread images that can instigate anger.

Ponnurangam kumaraguru thesis
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