National honor society

Finally, membership in an honor society might be considered exclusive, i. In cases where academic achievement would not be an appropriate criterion for membership, other standards are usually required for membership such as completion of a particular ceremony or training program.

Many fraternities and sororities are referred to by their membership or by non-members as honor societies, and vice versathough this is not always the case. Of these, cords and mortarboard tassels are most often used to indicate membership. For honor-based cultures, see Honour.

National Honor Society

February 15, the first national honor society for senior women was established, Mortar Boardwith chapters at four institutions Cornell UniversityThe University of MichiganThe Ohio State University and Swarthmore Collegelater the society became coed.

For the band, see Honor Society band. It is also common for a scholastic honor society to add a criterion relating to the character of the student.

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Academic robes and regalia identifying by color the degree, school and other distinction, are controlled under rules of a voluntary Intercollegiate Code.

ACHS was formed in to establish and maintain desirable standards for honor societies. Stoles are less common, but they are available for a few honor societies. Chiefly, the term refers to scholastic honor societies, those that recognize students who excel academically or as leaders among their peers, often within a specific academic discipline.

While ACHS membership is a certification that the member societies meet these standards, not all legitimate honor societies apply for membership in ACHS. Some honor societies are invitation only while others allow unsolicited applications.

This article is about organizations. Virtually all, if not all honor societies have chosen such colors, and may sell these items of accessory regalia as a service or fundraiser. Numerous societies recognize various fields and circumstances. In America, the oldest academic society, Phi Beta Kappawas founded as a social and literary fraternity in at the College of William and Mary and later organized as an honor society infollowing the establishment of the honor societies Tau Beta Pi for EngineeringSigma Xi for Scientific Researchand Phi Kappa Phi for all disciplines May 13,  · Being a member of the National Honor Society means more than just wearing an extra tassel on graduation day.

The nationally recognized, volunteer-based club emphasizes leadership, academics and.

Honor society

In the United States, an honor society is a rank organization that recognizes excellence among peers. Numerous societies recognize various fields and circumstances. The Order of the Arrow, for example, is the national honor society of the Boy Scouts of America. Chiefly. Honor Society is proudly an institutional member of the National Society for Experiential Education, NAAAHP, National Collegiate Honors Council and is accredited.

A View of the National Society of High School Scholars NSHSS is a distinguished academic honor society, committed to recognizing and serving the highest-achieving student scholars in more than 26, high schools across countries.

With access to resources and a network of more than million exceptional peers spanning high school to. Contact.

Is National Honor Society Membership Worth It?

Association Drive Reston, Virginia [email protected] Payment Remit. PO Box Boston, MA Phi Theta Kappa is the world's largest and most prestigious honor society for two-year college students.

National honor society
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