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Thus, the minimalist approach should only be interpreted as a methodology, not as a moral guidance. Although Addie cares for her family, as supposedly seen in other chapters, Faulkner makes it clear that she is indeed morally ambiguous.

In utilitarianism, no actions are intrinsically right or wrong as long as the goal of an action is to achieve the greatest happiness.

Within the confines of the novel it is hard to tell. Example Essays The greatest gift of human rationality is morality. For example, the prohibition against arbitrary killing can safely be categorized as a moral value. One common flaw among several forms of moral relativism is the failure to draw such clear distinctions between different categories of values.

For example, in Southern Sudan, the practice of sacrificing the spear master by the Dinkas became completely unjustified when the tribe survived after the practice was outlawed. We should recognize that no single individual or group has precisely the same perception of truth and reality due to the differences in religious faith, personal experience and other factors.

She narrates only one chapter in the book which is juxtaposed by the description of her by other narrators in preceding and following chapters. Pluralism recognizes that there is a plurality of moral points of view, and affirms that, among many moral points of view, no one is clearly superior to another.

Addie is morally confusing, or it seems she herself is confused.

Moral Ambiguity in Dorian Gray

As he continues with vices wearing him thin, he becomes more unstable and commits graver sins, including the murder of Basil and the accidental killing of James Vane.

Remaining addicted to his pleasures, he slips into depression and deeper into drug use. More essays like this: Happiness or pleasure is not the sole and ultimate motivation of action. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

It is because Dorian was innately a decent individual that he retains a mere shred of decency in his despicability and makes him a morally ambiguous character.

It is this man that sets Dorian on the path of pure pleasure and rids Dorian of any doubts when they arise.

Moral Ambiguity in as I Lay Dying Essay Sample

In Problems of Moral Philosophy, Ralph Barton Perry addresses the phenomenon of arbitrary categorization of values by pointing out a distinction between the question: However, his conscience and fear remains, driving him to his bitter, gruesome death. With time to process his situation, the horrifying truth that his fate will be everlasting pain and suffering terrifies Dorian, keeping the turmoil his moral ambiguity causes alive.

He opposes the prevailing notion of his academic colleagues that only scientific methods can lead to an understanding of the human condition, yet, criticizes any extreme reliance on logic as the sole basis of philosophical truth.

In line with such grounding, I find that among different types of moral theories, moral pluralism can best serve the universal needs and well being of human kind. Addie is the pivotal point for most characters in the novel As I Lay Dying in that all of their morals are in reaction, or have a direct correlation, to her actions.

Thus, morality, in the most practical sense, is a tool or way of life used to promote the common good of human beings and eliminate harmful actions that bring negative consequences in life, goals based on the principle of reciprocity and empathy, and a set of universally recognized human needs and capabilities.

Apart from that, to ensure moral progress, the common ground requires that context-independent values not only supercede cultural practices, but also serve to reform the culture itself.

Moral values, in their essence, should be geared only towards the goal of fulfilling universal needs of well being that are not governed by cultural practices or norms.

How should a minimalist common ground be established to reinforce the applicability of moral pluralism? Such a methodology is crucial especially in response to a pluralist society today.

In line with his philosophy, the powerful combination of empirical truth and philosophical logic excludes ungrounded practices that are against common humanity. In this context, secondary values are no longer strictly moral, but adulterated by other categories of values which are non-moral. Thus, cognitive or cultural perceptions, which deviate from the examined truth and accepted rationality, should be excluded from the common ground.

William James, a modern advocate of pragmatism, synthesizes the best elements of Empiricism and Idealism. No one can be completely objective in their judgments because every human being possesses different perceptions and principles of life that contribute to personal bias.

However, it is important to recognize that such a flexibility should not be equalized with the extreme form of pragmatism, which normally involves an attempt to wipe out the distinction between different kinds of truths.

Before Henry, Dorian is innocent, naive, manipulable, and mostly good. People can only try to provide different answers based on their own assumptions, faiths, experiences and intuitions.Adira 1 Adira McNally Mr. Caleb Nelson AP English and Composition 23 October The Moral Ambiguity of Odysseus in The Odyssey The Odyssey is an epic poem full of.

Moral Ambiguity in as I Lay Dying Essay Sample. Although almost every character in the novel As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner could be considered morally ambiguous, or seen as having mixed morals, Addie Bundren tops the list. Marlow, through his experiences and actions, is depicted as a moral ambiguity and this ambiguity is the tool with which Joseph Conrad develops his theme of European corruption on other peoples and places.

It is his moral ambiguity that forces him to more vil and inevitable death, seeking some permanent cure for his misery.

Once Dorian is dead, his wake can be traced through his warped logic to the source of his corruption: Lord Henry Wotton.

The same moral ambiguity is also present in Meursault's murder of the Arab and the ensuing trial. As far as absolute morality goes, the murder is without question an act that falls on the "evil" side of ethics. AP Question 3 Moral ambiguity often makes it difficult for the reader to delineate good from bad.

Mr. Kurtz, the mystified star from Joseph Conrad s.

Moral ambiguity essay
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