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This suggests that Haig did know that so many people had already died and yet he still ordered more attacks.

Lions Led by Donkeys

Haig did have an explanation for his tactics. Same with the soldiers many were brave but there were a few who were not lions at all.

However, he had a cold and harsh personality whilst he was notoriously inarticulate. I think why would a statue be made of a brainless donkey or fool? Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

I though statues were only made of respectable people who have achieved something great in life. By holding these characteristics many believe generals exposed hundreds of thousands of British soldiers to their death.

The cream of British manhood was shattered in less than six hours. Historians such as Sir John French have criticised Haig for gaining his promotions and respect through luck and fortune. The tactics Haig and his generals employed were ignorant if not stupid to the ability of the German enemy.

In the trenches soldiers were faced with horrible conditions on the frontline with a lack of good food and the threat of diseases due to the decaying bodies of fellow men and big sized rats hungry to feed.

Lions led by donkeys

Generals were uncaring and withdrawn. Instead he preferred the comforts of his chateau well in the rear. It was the only way for good to triumph over evil. I think it was written to try to make people feel sorry for him, and make people dislike General Haig because his friends were killed.

It also could mean this was due to the guts and spirit of the brilliant soldiers, who stayed determined and fought without being cowards. This makes me think if the generals were as bad as they were made out to be. It is also backed up by historical evidence, which says that almost twenty thousand men were dead in the first day.

Some say that the memorial should be of an ordinary soldier not of a general who sent so many to their death. Military historian, John Keegan describes all the positive things to stop the readers and mainly families that have grudges towards the generals but instead they should be cherishing he generals since they had tactics which lead us the British army to victory.

He was known as an efficient officer who looked after his men. Such was the expectation of their military commanders, their political leaders and even their loved ones that there was no question that if mortal danger came, they should face it like men.History-Lions Led by Donkeys; History-Lions Led by Donkeys Essay Sample.

Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access. History-Lions Led by Donkeys Essay Sample. Free Essay: LIONS LED BY DONKEYS – A HISTORICAL INVESTIGATION QUESTION To what extent is the phrase “Lions led by donkeys” a fair description of what.

World War One comes under much criticism when it comes to the politics at home and the way in which the war was led.

This essay will look at how the British government (known as the "donkeys" in the interpretation) led British soldiers (known as the "lions" in the interpretation) through the four-year battle with Germany.

Lions led by Donkeys Essay  Lions Led By The meaning of the interpretation 'Lions led by Donkeys' is that the brave and heroic Soldiers of the WW1 are referred to as the Lions, Help; Contact Us.

The question "were the British soldiers 'Lions led by Donkeys?'" has been an ongoing debate since the end of the war. A war which is dominated by images of bloody battles such as the Somme and Passchendaele - futile frontal attacks against the machine 4/5(4).

Lions Led By Donkeys In this essay, I will be looking at different sources and be using my own knowledge to decide whether lions were led by donkeys.


Lions led by donkeys essay help
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