Hucks adolscent essay

If the duckweed is kept under the treatment for a longer period and is placed in the appropriate nutrient filled water, the experiment could be much more effective on giving a better result. When the warm conditions return the duckweed will return to the surface of the water Wang and Messing Along with additional time, the spring water used may have not had the nutrients that duckweed needs to survive.

The first beaker was the control and was kept at room temperature, while the second beaker was placed under a florescent light with medium heat, and the third beaker was placed under a florescent light with high heat. According to Appenrothwhen duckweed is place into lower or higher temperatures, the turion-inducing factor needs proper phosphate levels.

All in all, these additions to the experiment would be very detrimental to the accuracy and understanding of the results. Multiple factors could have affected the accuracy of the results of this experiment.

Without being able to use this adaptation, the duckweed will not be able to survive under certain temperatures. Therefore, when we placed the duckweed under the florescent light treatments, the water may not have contained the correct amount of phosphate causing the duckweed to not be able to form into turion.

Also, duckweed is eaten by birds and ducks, which they then spread to other water sources Appenroth Duckweed consists of 1 to 3 fronds, or an oval shaped leave—like structure Wedge and Burris These fronds grow no bigger than 10 millimeters and usually serve to attach to other fronds, which create massive thick mats of duckweed Wedge and Burris In the future studies should apply the problems that I have stated before.

This would have made sure the duckweed was being kept at the proper temperature for the entire duration.

This is one of the best ways of spreading duckweed and would be done mostly in warmer areas where the bird and duck populations are the highest. Thus, duckweed has a high range of survival under different temperature, but requires the appropriate elements.

The growth of duckweed is common when the water contains high levels of nitrogen and phosphates Wang and Messing This can cause oxygen depletion, which can harm fish and submerged plants Wang and Messing The mean number of living duckweed found in each temperature.

Although the average number of living duckweed did result to be higher when at room temperature, the difference was not significant enough to be conclusive. The three beakers were subjected to these conditions for 29 days with 14 repetitions. Each beaker was labeled with different colored tape to differentiate the beakers.

While our hypothesis was not proven to be correct through this experiment, other studies have found conclusive data on the effects of temperature with duckweed. Duckweed is more cold tolerant than other aquatic vascular plants.

Duckweed can spread very quickly and can cover the entire surface of a pond in a short amount of time.

Duckweed Research Paper

Research Common duckweed is a plant found floating in compact colonies in ponds, marshes, lakes, and slow moving streams. Discussion This experiment did not show any strong evidence that the survival and growth of duckweed is more successful in different temperatures.

The average number of living duckweed actually decreased when subjected to the three different treatments.

In addition to those corrections, the results could have been broader if the study had a below room temperature treatment. Studies have found that duckweed is able to survive under several different temperatures.

If we had more time to conduct the experiment, we could have had the duckweed under the treatments for a longer period of time, which would have given us more precise and accurate answers.

After all beakers were properly filled with water and labeled, we placed 20 duckweed organisms in each of the three beakers. When the temperature lowers the energy stored in the duckweed during photosynthesis is transferred to starch biosynthesis, causing the starch to gather in turions Wang and Messing We generated this hypothesis due based on the fact that duckweed needs sunlight to gain the nutrients it needs to survive, and warmer climates commonly have more sunlight to help the growth and reproduction.

We then filled three beakers with mL of spring water, and then drew a line on each of the beakers where the water level was. This is an evolved adaption that duckweed has formed to be able to survive in several conditions.Community Hospital North's pastoral relations department is committed to providing support services to patients, families and hospital staff, with respect to their own needs and traditions.

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Common duckweed is a plant found floating in compact colonies in ponds, marshes, lakes, and slow moving streams.

Duckweed is a very tiny pale green, seed bearing plant (Wang and Messing ).

Hucks adolscent essay
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