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I had one friend that knew me and helped me through everything that happened. With that, they were able to provide my siblings and I, luxuries that others didnt have. And that to get what we want in life, we have to earn it. That would likely be much more interesting.

I would walk the streets and take the train in the Bronx NY at all times of the night without a care in the world. About four years ago My dad, mom, both sisters and I moved to Lansdale. She has been an amazing friend to me, but an even better parental figure.

This really affected me because I never thought I would ever have to see my mom endure such pain. I have been taught that honesty, integrity, hard work, and respect should be constituted into daily living.

Mainly because in September of at 2: Our future is not set in stone, we create the path of our own destiny. I was tired but I was so in love with my babies I felt like I did not even need to sleep.

So in Lansdale I made bad choices but became more social. Click here to read her essay. It was mainly because of the chemo. What Students Believe Throughout the school year, young people around the world write How my mother impacted my life essay of belief as a classroom exercise.

Now that I am old enough to understand that my mother was able to overcome adversity, and accomplish all that she has, inspires me everyday to make myself a better person.

Coming from a tradional Catholic family, she raised me and my siblings the way my grandmother raised her. It is because of the love and respect I have for my mother that I am now cautious of the choices I make.

I believe in a special way they have also saved my life. All I ever wanted to do was go outside. I feel confident that all the life lessons she has taught me and the advice she has given me, will continue to shape my standards and values in life. And for that I am extremely grateful to them.

I know that as long as she is here on this earth, she will stand beside me to love and support me unconditionally as she has done all these years. I pray to God for good health so that I can take care of them and always be around for them when they need me.

Sponsor This Essay I believe that having my children was a true life changing experience for me. That said, choosing a parent for this prompt places you at a disadvantage, as this is the most common choice. And she did, both of my parents at one point owned their own separate successful businesses.

Just think what would the person whose affected do? But after our second year in Lansdale I started to smoke. Sometimes she got so sick that she went into a medically induced coma. So in turn I stopped smoking after getting caught multiple times. I never thought about killing myself but I would have considered myself to be a free spirit.

I became socially impaired and barely went outside. Behind my choices, my character, my values, and behind me, proudly stands my mother. Please contact This I Believe, Inc.Written by Hayden Head (center) of Lansdale, “How My Mom’s Cancer Changed Me” was the third-place winner in our Essay Contest’s middle school division.

My experience with cancer has affected me a lot. First when my mom was first diagnosed with stage three cancer my whole view on life just changed.

My mother has definitely been the most influential figure in my life in many ways. She was born outside United States of America in a culture where only sons were sent to school because they were considered to be the only heirs to the family fortunes and wealth.

Becoming a Single Mother Changed My Life Essay - Becoming a Single Mother Changed My Life (For the Better!) Everyone remembers a specific incident that has profoundly affected his or her life. Becoming a Single Mother Changed My Life Essay. Becoming a Single Mother Changed My Life (For the Better!) Everyone remembers a specific incident that has profoundly affected his or her life.

I remember my special memory as if it happened yesterday; and that memory will always be as detailed. My life-altering occurrence happened when I was fresh out of high school.

Write about someone who has impacted your life and why (

The person that has had the greatest impact on my life isn't rich or famous or has invented something that could change the world. This person just goes to work day in. These people have passed through my life, yet the person who had the most impact was one who affected me everyday. My mother, by far, has had the greatest impact on my life.

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