Exams are waste of time

Therefore, I get a dissatisfactory result in exam even though I do it quite well in the normal class period. Even Exams are waste of time what you have learnt might be irrelevant and useless.

Coursework sounds like a good idea in theory, but is open to abuse. Nobody really learns anything by force - it can only come from a natural interest and a desire to explore a subject.

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It is time localities and schools made an official announcement on the costs and losses caused by exams. I think a new system would also encourage certain students to work hard for the duration of their courses instead of trying to cram an entire course worth of revision into the period directly before an exam.

This also provides incentive to work to a consistent level throughout the term and the whole year.

Exams are a waste of time

The Higher Grade exams in Scotland which I am about to sit place far too much emphasis on learning a chunk of text off by heart and reproducing it under examination conditions. Everyday staples, such as coffee and energy drinks, bring their own risks when used in excess.

Brendan Fernandes, UK I will be undertaking my AS exams in just over a week and do feel that too much importance is placed on exams. Is our exam system in chaos? Is the current system good enough or can more be done to improve it? Friday, 17 May, Helen, UK I am less than a week away from taking yet another set of examinations.

Send Email Cancel Final exams have more negative effects than positive ones, and yet most institutions still implement them each semester. There is no excuse for slackers, or dare I be politically incorrect and say the "thick kids", who from what I can remember, could not be bothered to learn.

Too much pressure is put on students with exams. Each child has their own unique abilities, interests and personal qualities that determine which path they take in life. If I had a first The money and resources would be better spent in other areas of education. George Kaskarelis, UK Although I believe in examination as a concept, the current system is woefully inadequate.

The waste includes the cost of the exams, human resources and facilities. For some students, who have to repeat, the number of examinations may even be three or four. I think the Welsh were rig ht to scrap those tests. The exam is an effective way of testing knowledge.

Where is the evidence? I totally agree and the doubling up of examinations seems to be a case in point.

The number of emergency room visits directly related to energy-drink consumption has doubled over the past four years to 20, according to KTVB. The education system in this country is too often about spoon-feeding, pressurising and standardising children. I for one, would never even consider getting someone else to write my essays!

Well, on a brighter side of life, it has become popular to see the images of young people in blue uniforms becoming volunteer guides for the applicants. Some schools have already taken the initiative in cutting down on final exams.

Another students were disqualified last year after being caught cheating in exams, and one A Level student hit the headlines after he got hold of his paper the day before his exam. Alex Barber, England Exams are important.

Natasha, UK If they are still confusing and the subject matter strays from the syllabus the yes its time they were changed. Thu Sep 16, 1: Last year, of the 1. Students need some down-time to develop as people. Are the exam authority going to produce a whole batch of robots, everyone do the works quickly and accurately?

Adderall can also cause hallucinations, insomnia and paranoia, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse.Exams are a waste of time! - All they measure is how good you are at memorising things. Also, it may look very nice to see the good grades on your CV, but when it comes down to it -.

Jul 27,  · exams are not waste of time to some point. at least you can really keep something in your mind if you want to pass the exams, or you may never spend your time in trying remember what you have learned in classes.

All year-olds must take tests in English, maths and science as part of the national regime of assessment at the ages of 7, 11 and The secondary school tests, however, do not form part of league tables and have been criticised as superfluous by head teachers.

Danbury, CT – Final exams and midterms have been a part of U.S. high school education for decades, but one school district in Connecticut has decided the tests are a waste of time. "I began to question the validity of all this testing," said principal Gary Bodaccio.

But unless you’re a jammy bastard who has managed to wing a year with no exams, exams are standard practice, and quite frankly, I think that they’re a waste of time. ARE EXAMS A WASTE OF TIME? 1.

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Do you think language exams should always have a speaking component (an oral exam)? Why/not? 2. Two popular ways of examining students are “the continuous.

Exams are waste of time
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