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Athletes are willing to give up all that they have worked for their entire lives in order to win a gold medal. The main concern now for athletes who are representing their countries is not just about the satisfaction of winning but the rewards for success. Athletes use performance-enhancing drugs to help break records or win gold medals.

They place gamesmanship above sportsmanship and try to stretch the rules as far as they can. Jones outboxed Park, landing more punches than park by a count of eighty-six to thirty-two.

Coaches, players, and owners and managers place a high value on winning. Drug testing was introduced at the Olympics inwhen at the Olympics in Rome, Swedish cyclist Knut Jensen took compound drugs to compete in the road race during which he collapsed and died.

This allows Essay on vince lombardi the possibility of not being caught. Blood doping is another example in which athletes attempt to improve performance. The corruptness of sports today has lead to many methods of unethical behaviour.

The Olympics have had a history of corrupt judges. Fair play generally takes a back seat to the desire for winning that some will bend rules, while others will outright cheat. In Ben Johnson was caught using steroids and had his gold medal stripped from him.

Drug related scandals are some of the major concerns with the Olympics. Some see the rules as being the only definition of what is right or wrong and if the situation is not in included in the rule book, that it means that its fair to exploit.

It one of the major influences behind drug use in sports. Other ways athletes seek an unfair advantage without running the risk of failing the drug tests is through a process known as blood doping.

Countries such as China and East Germany have been guilty of using such practices as doping their athletes. In the Summer Pan American games several gold medal winners were also disqualified for the use of performance-enhancing drugs. The Koreans watching the fight were outraged by this decision and Park himself felt that Jones had beaten him.

The glory of winning a gold medal and what will follow after that is more important than anything else.

Just before competition, the stored blood is given back to the athlete. The need to win makes athletes do almost anything to find the extra bit that could make the difference.

Also, some athletes who use steroids months before the games, discontinue their usage a few months before they will be drug tested and then resume after the testing is over. Those with a winning record are the good coaches and those are the ones who are usually hired by organizations.

It is not in the spirit of fair sports competition, but these athletes are more concerned with winning than sportsmanship or their health. These athletes involved range from long-distance runners, weight lifters, and swimmers.

In the Seoul Olympics, all Olympic judges and referees were given everything they wanted in exchange for gold medals. Some athletes try to increase the effectiveness of the drugs by combining them into several combinations.

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To win a coach will bend rules. The Russian and Korean boxing judges conspired to keep the Americans from winning gold medals.Essay about Vince Lombardi - Winning is the Only Thing That Matters - Vince Lombardi’s statement that “winning is the only thing that matters in sport”, is one of the truths that are inherent in the world of sports.

Vince Lombardi - Winning Is the only Thing That Matters

Vince Lombardi is regarded as one of the most legendary and greatest coaches of all time. Not only did he create winning teams, his philosophy and motivational skills were key factors to his success as a high school, college, and professional football coach.

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Vince Lombardi is known as one of the best football coaches of all time. He was born in Brooklyn, New York on June 11, (Philips, ).

Lombardi was the eldest of five children of two very devote Catholic parents (Philips, ). Throughout his childhood Lombardi was involved in many sports but.

This case study explains what was an effective leader was by using Vince Lombardi as an example. The Packers came from last in the league to first place.

Free Essay: Vince Lombardi as a Leader Vince Lombardi once stated, “Leaders aren’t born, that are made. And they are made just like anything else, through.

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