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The hard part is having to leave them to return to normalcy every once in awhile. One of the most ground breaking radio stations ever! They play a lot of ambient, which I love but realize is not for Edu og kfjdj.

Nice background to read the paper and get a start on the weekend. KFJC has sustained my faith in radio time and again. He plays a lot of old country, bluegrass, rockabilly and Americana.

Some of the more interesting music depending on the artist Yes, this went on for at least 30 minutes. I just moved to PA and was flipping stations sunday night, and caught "It has a beat That was the last of that, and frankly I feel like I got ripped off.

There are also DJ classes students can take where they learn hands-on how to work in the radio industry. Gee, what a great worthwhile experience that must be! Uncle Al responded in the affirmative, stating "We can probably do that.

So when you tune in, it will be a totally unique experience every time. Tune in via their webcast at kfjc. Many cities have a few good radio stations to listen to. I used to DJ when I was in college, down in Southern California where college radio is a fine artand they play all the weird stuff I like, but nothing that feels like a nail-gun being pounded into my skull.

KFJC used to be a station where you never knew what you were going to get, and it was a mix of awesome and horrible music. Just wish there were more Psychotronix film festivals to go to!

I changed the rating from two to four stars. I remember hearing a single track being played for nearly an hour of some eerie organ music and someone repeatedly banging on what sounded like a metal door. Emmett also hosts that ever popular Psychotronix film festival at Foothill college where guests watch funny short movie clips and ads of the past.

For quite a few years KFJC was my favorite radio station of all time. Keep up the great work!! Steep yourself in the programming. KFJC is a sparkling nugget of radio weirdness. I moved away from the area for 12 years and was elated that the station was still going strong when I returned.Hello little Friend!

You are on the channel Santa Toys Collection! Here you will watch a number of kids video.

Sacrament of Anointing and Healing of the Sick

We make educational clips for babies, nursery. 21 reviews of KFJC "This is a great Bay Area radio station at Foothill College that plays a collection of unusual and unique music of the past as well as the present.

My boyfriend got me interested in this radio station years ago now I am hooked. 5/5(21). The latest Tweets from Jefferson Kºrº@ (@Djjeffguns). ORE COMIGO PELAS NAÇÕES!

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Edu og kfjdj
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