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What happens when you want to update your menu or promote a new feature? They are one of the most critical pieces in the overall experience.

Today, many restaurants, sports bars, clubs, mall food courts and other culinary venues still display their menu messages on back-lit ads, posters, window images, wall-mounted screens - and that old 17th Century favorite, chalk boards. Our team of designers are specifically trained in the digital medium rich media, motion graphics, animations.

Take advantage of video and animated gifs. In the case of restaurants where the customer places their order to the employee behind the counter, a number of disjointed advertising and communicative methods are used. Text Readability and contrast are two key concerns for text.

Restaurants must consider how creative is used to maximize the impact of menu boards. Our free trial is available on the cloud. Simply, save on hard costs and involve fewer people.

The digital menu board has changed and I have my up to date content. This could mean showing the same moving object animating on several screens to increase the impact or showing a single image animating on one screen while others display static elements.

It shows a more realistic expectation of what your food looks like, giving you the opportunity to draw people in and make them hungry. Display a video of your head chef making magic, share photos of happy customers enjoying their meals, give out a promotion special to these customers. Not only can you say goodbye to the host offering menus to passersby outside your restaurant, you get to tell your story during off hours.

A digital display outside your restaurant is more likely to draw in someone walking by than a menu inside a glass frame.

Digital Signage Software

I now want to type a message to inform my customers of the change. They become the most powerful component of your in-store marketing strategy. A powerful yet easy to use set of design tools are built into the product, making it beautifully simple to use and dependable.

For example, if you want an elegant feel, certain colors go with that, while others give that quick-service or fast food feeling.

Digital signage software is flexible, allowing you to communicate your message with your target audience when and where they need it. For example, QL will automatically remove sold-out items Digital menu board your menus without any operator involvement.

For example, Graham suggests using green for the salad section to build on color associations and make the segment stand out. Type must be big enough to be seen at a distance, but this must be balanced with how much information must fit on the screen.

You can strongly influence your customers by means of a vivid, animated, high resolution display of your products and promotions. Too many disparate moving elements can overwhelm consumers, muddle messages, and even slow the ordering process.

Offering digital menu boards, digital drive-thru and customized interactive solutions, we work diligently with our clients from strategy and technology, to creative, media and activation.Add graphics, text, animations, display scrolling text messages with RSS feeds, and much more to your digital menu board.

The flexible interface allows you to manage and update menu content including prices, promotions, and pull unavailable items off the menu by integrating the menu boards directly with the POS system. Digital Menus and Electronic Menu Boards fulfill all your Menu Board needs.

Built In Design Tools Make It Easy To Change - No Internet Required. Our digital menu boards will allow you to have more control over menu items, promotions, scheduled content and influence over customer behavior.

Click here to learn how you can sell more by simply educating and engaging your customers. Complete Guide: How to Design a Digital Menu Board Restaurants, bars, and other businesses everywhere are quickly replacing their printed menu displays with new digital menu software.

In addition to the flexibility and general strikingness, a digital menu pays for itself, especially if you change your menus often. Get Your Menu Board Solution "Quick response and successfully connected me with the right sales person. I am going to go with your service for my restaurant." - Grant E.

Quick Service Restaurants

Solutions for Everybody. Static Digital Menu Boards. Dynamic Digital Menu Boards. Digital Menu Board Plus is: A dedicated recommendation tool for all of your customers.

Programmed to only display services you offer. Simple and easy to use (after setup, doesn’t require future changes) Automatically updated. Complete this form to .

Digital menu board
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