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These flags were used to demarcate the left and right limits of a particular limit. Their smaller size and swallowtail configuration made them less resistant to the wind while carrying the flag on horseback.

Click here to see the flank markers of the th Regiment, sister unit to the th Regiment, in the New York State Collection. Unlike regimental colors which were ceremoniously returned to state capitals, company colors were rarely turned into the state and were instead brought home with the company units.

National Colors are the Stars and Stripes, though often with fanciful cantons and varied star patterns.

How Can You See If Your Old Confederate Money Is Worth Anything?

Flags were hung on government buildings, at recruitment offices, on businesses and homes. Their use in battle, improper storage in state institutions, souveniring, and the fact that they were typically made of weighted silk which deteriorated rapidly, all contribute to a modern race to save these flags from being completely lost.

Unattributed unit, possibly a late war period homemade replacement company colors. As a collector, I personally consider Civil War Era flags to be those of 33, 34, 35 and 36 stars.

Some private individuals have also placed images of the flags of their state collections online. Naturally, money in better condition is usually worth more, and more obscure types can be more valuable.

Although they were represented in the Confederate Congress for the duration of its meetings, and had shadow governments made up of deposed former state politicians, neither state was ever fully controlled or administered by the Confederacy.

Generally, official flags fall into the following categories: Thompsonthe editor of the Savannah-based Daily Morning News also objected to the flag, due to its aesthetic similarity to the U. In fact, your efforts may backfire if you inadvertently damage an old coin or bill.

Civil War Star Counts Traditionally, Americans begin producing flags of a given star count as soon as the new state enters the Union. Below are some excellent links to online galleries featuring Civil War flags from the various states.

Military battle flags, from either Union or Confederate units, are extremely scarce. Its website offers a search tool to help you find dealers in your area or to verify that a particular dealer is a member. Often times, these colors were homemade "presentation colors" presented to the unit by the community where the units mustered.

The " Van Dorn battle flag " was also carried by Confederate troops fighting in the Trans-Mississippi and Western theaters of war. The Confederate Congress specified that the new design be a white field " Exclusionary Flags Although President Lincoln urged Americans to refrain from removing stars from the flag in the face of secession, cases exist where stars were in fact removed from flags of the period.

Company Presentation Colors, 34 Stars. The prominent display of the unit designator assisted with orienting and maneuvering the units on the field of battle.

The events of the Civil War, starting even prior to the commencement of the war with the introduction of Kansas into the Union as the 34th state and the election of President Abraham Lincoln inmarked a turning point in both the surge of patriotism and the production and display of the American flag.

Two spaces remain in the upper and lower left corners of the canton for the addition of new stars. Confederate colors were often taken home following the war, and though they are somewhat more prevalent in private hands, they tend to command even higher prices than Union colors in the open market.

Flags of the Confederate States of America

He defended his redesign as having " The flag descended in the family of Sergeant Major Daniel F. Typically, 33 star flags are associated with the election of Abraham Lincoln, a star count found on many political parade flags of the era relating to the Lincoln-Hamlin ticket in the Election.

Confederate flag value?

Marschall also designed the Confederate army uniform.Confederate Flag’s Worth Flags are familiar symbols and popular with all ages. A flags definition is usually rectangular piece of fabric of distinctive design that is. How Can You See If Your Old Confederate Money Is Worth Anything?

Despite jokes in old movies and television shows, Confederate money and other types of. Find great deals on eBay for confederate flags. Shop with confidence. Though this flag is today primarily associated with the Confederacy, it was only the flag used during combat.

It was rejected as official flag of the Confederate States of America, which used four other flags, all variations of the American flag.

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Nonetheless, that battle flag is the enduring icon of the Confederacy. The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo has changed its policy this year to disallow the Confederate battle flag to be used in events and activities. "The Northern Virginia battle flag is one of those.

Feb 16,  · For more information on real Civil War era Confederate flag designs, see Flags of the Confederacy One last thing, a genuine Confederate Battle Flag ca would sell for $75, to $, at auction, or therabouts.

Confederate flags worth
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