Chapter 8 america henrietta outline

Her body is polluted with toxins that would usually be flushed out in urine, however, so the cells die almost immediately. The expansion of suffrage changed the tone of politics; Americans increasingly rejected the deferential political views of Federalists. Some Americans from long-distinguished families questioned the morality of a social order based on mobility and financial success.

After independence, many Americans in the northern states embraced a democratic republicanism that celebrated political equality and social mobility, at least for white males.

By now, Henrietta has reached the peak of her suffering—it is this physical ordeal that will haunt her daughter Deborah for the rest of her life. Theoretically, the republican ideal of companionate marriage gave wives equality with their husbands; in reality, husbands still controlled the Chapter 8 america henrietta outline and governments accepted no obligation to prevent domestic abuse.

Doctors try to give her a variety of painkillers, but nothing helps. This passage also introduces the pattern of the Lacks family being misinformed by doctors and researchers. Two and a half weeks later, she is in so much pain that she can barely urinate or walk.

States chartered corporations to dredge rivers and build turnpikes and canals. Incorporation often included a grant of limited liability, and transportation charters included the power of eminent domain.

Throughout the nineteenth century, state governments had a much greater impact on the day-to-day lives of Americans than did the national government. It is easy to understand why the Lackses do not trust the medical establishment, considering how often its representatives have lied to and manipulated them.

The Commonwealth System 1. Though few sought divorces, before most petitioners for divorce charged their spouses with neglect, abandonment, or adultery; after emotional grounds dominated divorce petitions. This idea was especially prevalent when dealing with black patients.

Pennsylvania issued fifty-five charters, including one to the Lancaster Turnpike Company, which built a mile graded road connecting Lancaster and Philadelphia, boosting the regional economy. Doctors stop radiation, and note repeatedly how miserable Henrietta is. When Day takes his wife back to Hopkins for X-rays the next week, doctors find tumors on her uterus, on both her kidneys, and on her urethra.

Rather than seeking to control them, fathers now sought to protect the best interests of their children in their marriages.

As legislators eliminated property qualifications for voting by white men, they erected barriers for women and black men; regardless of their wealth, custom and prejudice ruled out their participation in public affairs. Young men and women began to be influenced by the new cultural attitude of sentimentalism, which originated in Europe as part of the Romantic movement and celebrated the importance of "feeling.

Summary Analysis In early June, Henrietta begins to tell her doctors that the cancer is spreading, but they assert that she is incorrect.

As the passions of the heart overwhelmed the cool logic of the mind, a new marriage system appeared. When she returns in three days, a doctor feels a hard mass in her abdomen; after X-raying her, he finds that the mass is blocking her urethra. Toward a Republican Marriage System 1.

Tumors appear all over her body, and her temperature shoots up to Women argued that their subordination was at odds with the republican belief in equal natural rights. A doctor inserts a catheter to relieve her bladder, but then sends her home.

Western settlers paid premium prices for land along navigable rivers, and farmers and merchants built barges to float goods to the port of New Orleans. On the orders of George Gey, a doctor takes more cells from her cervix.

Even with their patient in such dire condition, it seems that the Hopkins doctors care as much or more about obtaining more cell samples from her as they do about caring for her. Retrieved September 13, Active Themes As radiation continues to burn her skin and her pain becomes even worse, Henrietta arrives at Hopkins on August 8 and says that she wants to stay there.

State legislatures granted hundreds of corporate charters to private businesses to build roads, bridges, and canals to connect inland market centers to seaport cities. Byinnovative state governments had embraced the new political economy of the commonwealth system, which used state incentives to encourage business and improve the general welfare.8.

The Enlightenment added a secular dimension to colonial intellectual life. B. American Pietism and the Great Awakening: 1.

Chapter 8: The Federalist Era

While educated Americans turned to deism, other colonists turned to Pietism, which came to America with German migrants in the s and sparked a religious revival. 2. Chapter 8. America Secedes from the Empire.

The Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia in All 13 colonies were represented. Chapter outlines from "American Pageant (13th edition)" to help you review what you've read, chapter-by-chapter.

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Many banks issued notes without adequate specie reserves and made ill-advised loans to insiders. 5.

The Panic ofsparked by a sharp drop in world agricultural prices, gave Americans their first taste of the business cycle —the periodic expansion and contraction of profits and employment. Chapter 8: The Federalist Era Chapter Outline Organizing the new government. America in ; The convening of Congress; The first president; The ebook version America: A Narrative History, 8e offers the full content of the print version at half the price.

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Chapter 8 america henrietta outline
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