Armed and dangerous report

The chemical and air attacks on Syria do this. Success of this silent war depends upon strength of many minds and courage of many actors — not upon total absence of human frailty in one elected leader.

Countering such actions sometimes requires deception and cunning, especially when mainstream media dependably serve the ruling elite. The Hot War The military side of the war reportedly involves special operators and regular forces of each branch: If the ruling elite are defeated and their crimes exposed, MSM will be scandalized as elitist accomplices.

Unlike other wars of the past years, this silent war is taking place within the U. Yes, ruling elites are desperate to pull down the motive forces behind the campaign against them. Drugs, illegal immigration, health, financial corruption — extend the list as you wish; the big problems serve the aims of the ruling elite.

The Chinese military reportedly has been approached by ruling elite seeking an alliance, but seems unlikely to weigh in, especially if Russia aligns with America. About Syria President Trump is aiming to end the elitist wars against Syria.

Mainstream media do not confirm what is stated above. No one attacks children with chemicals or poison gas and admits it.

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Secondary Issues A central aim of the ruling elite since has been to cause the collapse of every independent republic so as to govern the world by global dictate. A time may come soon when you will need to act decisively to protect the well-being of your family and perhaps those around you during events that are out of the ordinary in recent American history.

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Many Americans remain unaware the most consequential war in human history is being fought right now — silently and out of view. If the war against the ruling elite succeeds, the U.

Defeat the ruling elite and the overwhelming problems become something of a different nature: Everything else is secondary or lower. If the ruling elite are removed from power and defeated, every national issue troubling America becomes soluble.

These are believed to be extensive and on-going, presenting serious attempts to subvert and overturn the federal government. As evidence is gained to prove corruption, those incriminated are named and their assets are frozen.

Tens of thousands of sealed indictments have been issued. The Las Vegas terrorism, the northern California fires, the Parkland School incident and the missile attack on Hawaii are domestic examples.Thomas is to be considered armed and dangerous and citizens should not attempt to approach him.

Use the 'Report' link on each comment to let us know of abusive posts. Police say year-old Patrick Hermes should be considered armed and dangerous. Cleckler, 39, is considered to be armed and dangerous and should not be approached.

Use the 'Report' link on each comment to let us know of abusive posts.

Armed and Dangerous Man on the Run in Ketchikan/POW

Share with Us. Home Prince of Wales Armed and Dangerous Man on the Run in Ketchikan/POW Armed and Dangerous Man on the Run in Ketchikan/POW Arthur Martin Editor POW Report Prince of Wales. Mar 02,  · Armed and Dangerous / JOHN RAMIREZ Need to report the video? In his most recent book “Armed & Dangerous” John equips his readers with the biblical weapons and practical strategies you.

Police say, Ceja, who may also use the alias "Angel Ramirez," is in possession of a handgun and should be considered armed and dangerous. To report a tip, call The Bowling Green Police Department.

Armed and dangerous report
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