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Apple products are being marketed all over Facebook, Twitter, and other blogging websites, and these social media websites help Apple to achieve more customers because social media is supposed to be a more trustworthy source of information by consumers as compared to other paid marketing channels Foux, This is because team is a mean through which an organisation could foster creativity and innovation, which is although Apple profit making business essay core competence of Apple however could be further safeguard through the rigorous support of cross-functional diverse teams.

The significance of creativity and innovation increases in an organisation like Apple, because the industries where the organisation has been operating enjoy considerably low product life cycle. Consumers access these platforms through Apple devices and pay to the content owners and application developers for the paid content and apps.

The economic growth in different parts of the world has been slowed down by the global economic crises and recently by the European sovereign debt crises that has been adversely affecting the disposable income and the buying power of consumers. Having established a unique reputation in the range of its products, the company enjoys a very large customer base around the entire globe.

Even more difficult is creating developer communities that write applications for those operating systems. Apple attracts the best highly motivated workers from around the world, Apple profit making business essay I believe it is not necessary for Steve Jobs to be so temperamental, by screaming and shouting at employees.

How Apple Makes Money? Understanding Apple Business Strategy

An organisation could accomplish market leadership either through focusing on cost effectiveness or through successful differentiation efforts.

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His obsession with excellence has created an amazing development process which turns out great products. The company is credited for designing products such as the Macintosh range of computers, the iPad, iPhone, and the iPod.

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The Americas segment encompasses North and South America. Apple Watch runs on watchOS operating system. Most of the market players have now installed production facilities that fulfil such requirements, however have been adding to the costs in the market.

Between the year andthe company faced a battle of choices between products with regard to the Macintosh and the Lisa. As Apple customer base grows and more consumers access the platforms with their devices, the platform becomes more attractive to the application developers and the content owners.

The increased profits provide investments for research and development and marketing and advertising to develop and sell innovative products. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Apple is not a business like a charity that use funds off the government to provide for the poor people in society. Similar hardware and software products and services are provided to the same types of customers by each reportable operating segment.

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Currently the Tablet PC is rolling fast over the shelves, and this could be due to the fact that the product has been designed in a manner that substitutes both Smartphone and personal computer. The differentiation advantage of the firm could be judged from the fact that Apple enjoys a first mover advantage in most of the products that the firm has been currently marketing in different parts of the world.

Apple Inc returned to profitability in the period between to following market diversification Wong The organization has all types of managers including line managers whose work directly contributes to the production of apples goods and services.

The firm could boost take exploit the business potential in the emerging markets like China, India, and Brazil etc.

Apple has a unique organisational culture that enables the firm to foster creativity innovation and new ideas throughout the organisation. People want to follow Apple but Apple prefers other people to do word of mouth marketing for them while they are developing their next great thing Flow Experience Marketing, The company is currently operating over stores in various countries around the world alongside an online store that offers both software and hardware.

Then, we share the revenues, the profits, and the profit margins of Apple for FY The outbound logistics of the firm comprised of the superior online and conventional channel where the firm is reaching different parts of the world through superior outbound logistics facilities.

The main content of this report can be divided into three parts: During the same year, the company launched the power Macintosh. There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. Apple Inc has diversified its market and range of products to increase its profits and market share. You can see that Apple provides a variety of services Apple headquarters is located in California America, therefore the business Apple is a global organisation because Apple is situated all over the world.

By glancing at the new product development and innovation strategies that Apple has been following, one could argue that unquestionably the firm is leading the market due to its successful product innovation capabilities.

Apple is considering pioneer in innovation and its different brands including iTunes, iPod, iPhone, iPhone enjoy a first mover advantage in the market. Above is a print screen showing the services Apple provide consumers with and the cost of the services provided.

Due to low switching cost, the product substitution is very high and may affect the future performance of Apple. An adaptive organization has more decentralized authority, fewer rules and procedures, less precise division of labour, wider spans of control, and more personal means of coordination.Apple was not involved in social media marketing activities directly in the past and hired other companies to do it for the company, but now it is making a shift in its approach.

Apple has recently bought social media search and analytics startup Topsy Labs to better realize the needs of users (Apps Tech News, ).

Apple profit making business Essay Sample

Apple FY Revenues, Profits, and Profit Margins Of the $ billion of Apple total net sales in FY'15, $ billion were the cost of sales. This resulted in $ billion of gross profit and a gross margin of %.

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As you can see smartphone competitors in figure 2, and Apple’s revenue, gross profit margin, earning per share, price earning and net income with its direct competitor’s in table 2.

6 Table 2: Direct Competitors Comparison in Billion. Apple Inc. is an American multinational electronics and software company established by Steven Jobs and Stephen Wozniak on April 1,in Cupertino, California. Apple designs, manufactures and markets personal computers, portable media players, mobile phones, computer software, computer hardware and peripherals.

Apple profit making business Essay Sample. Task 1- The EDU has given you a list of suitable businesses and you will need to carry out initial research on these businesses before selecting two contrasting businesses for your report.

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The two contrasting businesses I will be choosing to compare are Apple and Oxfam.

Apple profit making business essay
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