A case study of tata nano essay

As a group, it is recommended that Tata Motors continue its operation in South Africa and attempt the same strategy in other potential markets around the world. Small household size with 4 members or fewer is common in Vietnam, especially in urban areas Binh, It is to believed that Tata Motors choose to enter global market in low cost market is because in lower medium and low incomes population is more where this can win in volume as well as sales.

How long will this car last before its maintenance costs dictate the purchase of another car? This makes it easy to see that most mobile persons were buying motorbikes, scooters, and things of that sort. India became a colony of Great Britain through the Dutch East India Company when it originally came over to conduct import and export business.

Over 4 billion people are poor and represent a huge market, of a bottom of the pyramid approach Prahald, Tata Motors should use export as mode of entry to Vietnam. Besides, in a pyramid of social class, the bottom of the pyramid have the most population among all, which is lower middle and low social status.

I mean, it is India, after all. The highest price of market will pay for your goods or service based on survey for pricing limits MyMarketingDept. This was the first car in ultra low range. The Nano is a great idea. Tata has recently entered into alliances with competitors such as Fiat and Daewoo, making it easier to enter new markets.

Families often had six or more children in the s. Many motorbike travelers can and do carry a passenger on the back of their bike. Why would Tata try to sell that many cars to a people who are already living in overpopulated areas? Would it not be more environmentally friendly to help create a form a mass public transport to keep up with the growing demand for transportation needs?

Since India and Vietnam have economic ties where usually export each country products, export should be choice to Vietnam. The operation is already established and customers are aware of its brand, Tata is responsible for marketing and selling the product, while gaining access to design technology and an increased bottom line.

As the low cost car market is still not be implemented, Tata Motors is considered as market leader for low cost car market. Therefore, Tata Motors should considering to expand their market in Asia region first especially in Vietnam and Indonesia where mostly middle and lower middle income population.

Joint venture can be used in setting up factory in Indonesia to produce Jaguar, Land Rover and many more vehicles under Tata Motors.

This fact is extremely impressive in a country like India, where workers go on strike quite frequently. Most of the people could afford the car that made huge advantage in sales the car.

Tata Nano Case Study Essay Sample

It is the passenger segment on which Tata can capitalize. Obviously Tata Motors which is selling cheap vehicles will be targeting these group of people in volume not high end market where is just profit.

Tata Motors Case Study Tata Nano

I am excited that I can buy a brand new car for just a little bit more than I could buy a used car for, even if it does not have many frills like air conditioning.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. This could achieve some type of Just-In-Time efficiency highly improving on cost.

Asia is the biggest market among all, the country Tata Nano should be targeting priority is Vietnam. This strategic decision made Tata competitive in one of the most brutal industries.

Social mobility refers to the movement of individuals or groups in social position over time. For the petrol consumption, obviously it is low and suitable for middle and lower income population in order to cost saving.Tata Nano is designed for 4 to 5 people which shows Vietnam is the country Tata Nano should expand with high population in medium and low income status as well as small family size members that Tata Nano is designed for.

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Tata has a very strict and bribe free culture and have always valued its employees in the highest regard. Tata has a very different state of labor relations, for example, Tata steel, one of the oldest industries of Tata, has gone seventy-five years without a strike. The study of Tata Nano car technology has demonstrated the fact that how a technological revolution has taken place in Automobile sector by the introduction of Tata Nano car in the market.

It is 2 feet shorter than a Mini Cooper, has a comical appearance and weighs less than the four passengers it. Tata Motors Case Study Tata Nano Essay 1.

What could be the main Tata Nano is introduced to take over the motorcycle markets with low cost and as the cheapest car that can be afford by many drivers in India. Tata Motor is. Mba- Cim - Tata Nano Case Study words | 8 pages Executive Summary Tata Motors, the General Electric of India is a conglomerate with a commanding presence in a vast industries across India and globally.

A case study of tata nano essay
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