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Green Mythology The notion that renewable electricity is cheap is one of a number of Green Myths that have been woven into a gigantic Green lie that is undermining our society, our welfare, our institutions and the way that we think about and rationalise problems. This is done with the following code: Calculating the trendline First we are going to create a whole bunch of variables that will store the different parts of the formulas.

Reality is the exact opposite of this green myth. The notion that renewable energy is cheap is one of five Green energy myths discussed.

But real data demonstrates that on a reasonable geographic scale, like continental Europe, smoothing created by geographic dispersion is trivial. Germany stands out as an anomaly on this chart, no longer alongside Denmark.

Green Mythology and the High Price of European Electricity

I want to add a linear trendline to this chart, just like in Excel. The differences are quite substantial, approaching double output in the former compared with the latter. And yet the peddlers of Green 1 05 supply graph have managed to create an aura of fear around this safest form of power generation.

Add a linear trendline to a graph in SQL Server Reporting Services

The following statement creates the data and stores it into a temp table. However, it is impossible to escape the conclusion that countries with highest level of renewable penetration have the highest residential electricity prices and that it is highly likely that these high prices are caused by, to a greater or lesser extent, the high level of RE penetration.

Expensive RE dumps the price of all electricity that is subsequently sold at a loss. But claims such as these focus only on the installation capex and performance and ignore all of the added system costs detailed above.

Someone has to be left chewing losses. Green mythology is a theme that I will return to in the months ahead. Like flying, nuclear power is a high risk high reliability industry.

This prevents a gap in the line charts in SSRS. The High Price of European Electricity This is where I feel the chart shown in Figure 1 is so important as a very simple portrayal of the link between RE penetration and electricity prices in Europe. We have likely witnessed a vast misallocation of capital.

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How can I achieve this functionality? Civilian nuclear power has an impeccable safety record, and yet many countries have turned their back on it, which is surprising since it is the only form of low carbon electricity that could actually power our society as it is currently configured.

This means we have to calculate it ourselves of course. This gives the following result set: Only for the last 3 months of the year in this example. These governments are subsidising prices of fuel, electricity and often food, shielding their poorer citizens from high prices struck on international markets.

This assumes a relational source of course. Using standard T-SQL aggregations functions, they are straight forward to calculate. We store the results in the temp table. These and related data are discussed in greater detail in the second half of this post.

In conclusion, the various Green energy myths detailed above are woven into an energy narrative that is tantamount to a lie.

High renewables penetration causes high electricity price. Throughout the OECD it is in the renewables generators that are heavily subsidised via consumer paid levies that are tantamount to taxation on energy use. Myth 2 — Fossil Fuels are Heavily Subsidised Yes it is true that in certain countries the price of gasoline and natural gas are subsidised by governments, this happens throughout OPEC.

The recent history in Germany may indicate curtailments or exports since BP are reporting consumption, not production. Trend is an empty column that will hold the calculated linear regression later on.

This of course is also higher cost wind, but this is a story for another day. Keep in mind that this is a very simplified forecast which might have a high error margin. There will most certainly be more than one variable at work in determining electricity prices in the various countries.

What has happened to the checks and balances that our Lords and scientific advisors are supposed to provide? But what they forget to point out is that more often than not a correlation is caused by a physical co-variation of the two variables plotted, in this case higher levels of renewable penetration leads to higher electricity prices.A few weeks ago I received a call from a sprinkler contractor who needed to provide a water supply graph for a flow test he conducted.

Myrykle 05 Supply Chart

I had a canned sheet I had developed for my own flow tests, but it was a basic graph that showed a curve and didn't match the traditional N^ hydraulic graphs common for water supply curves.

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The headphones are being produced quicker which leads to an increase in supply. A decrease in the curve can be caused by the price of the components that are used to create the headphones increasing. This leads to a decrease in supply. View Supply from ECON at Mandarin High School.

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1 05 supply graph
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